Foundation Haiti Project Corp





Foundation Haiti Project is so close to my heart. Helping so many people that I love. Many blessings to the foundation and all those they…
Elisabeth Olistin
Foundation Haiti project is doing a great job in Haiti Advertisements
Olistin Elitene
I had been on mission trips to Haiti with members of this foundation multiple times between 2010 and 2013 and heard a lot of plans…
Laura Bartchak
I have been on three mission trips in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. Many groups and organizations always say what they are going to do…
Chris Harris
Great to see people showing their love for Haiti and the haitian people instead just saying it. Keep up the great work. Advertisements
Olivier Morame
Foundation haitiproject is growing rapidly with love and show the people in Haiti so much love .we love the job the team is doing to…
Jean Gilles Kensly
Foundation haitiproject is a great foundation that care about others and provide for The people in Haiti . We love you for what your guys…
Ken Casanova
Foundation Haiti project is seriously making an impact on so many lives, not just in Haiti but here in the states as well. I am…
Charlene Gammalo