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The word can be represented as a noun or a verb. If I asked you to recall a journey you have taken or been on, we would all have several to choose from.  Many of us, may think back to a road-trip we’ve taken with friends. Some may think of af time or season in life when things were hard or amazingly easy. Some may think of life as a journey.  When I think about a journey, I realize the focus of it is not the destination, but the steps we take to get there along the way. At the end of the journey, no matter what kind, we are changed.  It is inevitable. The journey refines us. It makes us different than we were before. Our ultimate journey is heavenward. The path we are on is the life we were given. Where are you on your journey?  What direction are you heading? Is your path leading your heavenward?


As a foundation, Foundation Haiti Project, has had many ups and downs and turnarounds.  Nine years of ministry can do that 🙂 This most recent part of the journey has been one of exciting gains and momentum.  There have been many things happening that are propelling us forward and upward. Here are some of the latest….


Leadership:  We have solidified a board of individuals who have a like-minded passion and desire for God and the country of Haiti.  Just yesterday, we welcomed our newest member of the board, Mrs. Courtney Ferguson, as the secretary of Foundation Haiti Project.


Community:  Foundation Haiti Project was the recipient of over 100 boxes of donations from the Cleveland Community in Ohio. We thank Laura and Charlene and friends for collecting, washing, and preparing all of the donations to be ready for travel.   Kensly and Charlene made a three day journey, in a huge U-Haul, to bring the donations from Ohio to South Florida. They are sorted in the warehouse, and even as I type, they are being moved to a shipping container to be sent to Haiti.


Sponsorship:  The t-shirt sale went well.  Several of you purchased shirts to help us pay teacher salaries for this upcoming school year.  One thing that we are in desperate need of, however, is monthly sponsors. We are seeking individuals who will say, “Hey, I want to be committed to the work being done in Haiti.  I want to help meet the daily, reoccuring needs of 750 children.” It’s super simple. On the website,, there is a donate button.  You can make your donations there in one simple click.  No amount is too small- $5, $10, $30. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in doing.  It will help us to better plan out the budget for this year.


Just a little teaser:   March, 16, 2019. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the journey for the ministry that is now Foundation Haiti Project.  We want your to celebrate with us. Keep an eye out for our celebration announcement 🙂


We are so thankful and excited for your to be on THIS JOURNEY with us!  Even greater things are on the horizon for those that are loved and cared for by you through Foundation Haiti Project.  


Until next time!  Bondye beni-w!

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