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Hello from all of us at Foundation Haiti Project

 We have had a busy two weeks and can’t wait to share all of the good news of what’s been going on. First, thanks for keeping up with us. We appreciate so much the support you guys are showing and we desire very much to continue in our partnership with all of you. Here’s the latest!


We’ve had shirts made for the foundation. They are available for pre-order now. The shirts are available in red, blue, orange, and yellow. The cost in $15. You can PM us on Facebook with your order or email us at Teacher salaries for the 2018-2019 school year is the need the sales will address. Please consider buying a shirt and support our education need for the children in Haiti. Visit our Facebook page, Foundation Haiti Project, or our website  for pictures of the shirt. (I tried to post them here, but couldn’t get it to work for some reason, sorry!)


Kensly, the foundation’s president, had the opportunity to sit down with the only Caribbean news network in South Florida and conduct a 20 minute interview about the foundation’s work. The network also decided to run the foundation’s promotional video in support of the work being done in Haiti. We are so thankful to RPTV for their partnership!


Our Ohio team had a very busy two weeks. The first lemonade stand was held with success! If anyone is interested in doing your own lemonade stand, Foundation Haiti Project will provide the sign, you provide the stand (and lemonade, of course). Last Thursday, a local Applebees in the Cleveland area hosted a “Dine to Donate” for Foundation Haiti Project. We are so thankful to the community for their support!


Please be in prayer this week for Charlene, our Public Relations Coordinator, and her mom Laura, a special advisor to the board, as they prepare to speak at a church in Ohio. We are so thankful for these two ladies and their passion and love for the people of Haiti. We are praying that the Lord will use them as mighty vessels to tell the stories of those we love in Haiti. We are praying that those listening will be inspired to come along side of us in ministry.


Oh I almost forgot ;0 We have a youtube channel now!!!! You can search for us on youtube by typing in Foundation Haiti Project.


Until next time, Bondye beni-w!