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We, at Foundation Haiti Project, had a dear friend named Brian Ferguson (known to us and many, as Cowboy).  Cowboy loved Jesus and he loved others. He preached the gospel, even when he did not speak. He loved his wife and children deeply.  He loved his friends purposefully . The people of Haiti felt his love unconditionally. Because of this, it is with great honor that FHP will name it’s future children’s home, “Cowboy’s Castle,” in memory of him.  Cowboy’s legacy will continue on as the children’s home carries his namesake.

The dictionary would define legacy as a gift or money left to a person or passed down from generations.  When I think of legacy, something much different comes to mind. A person’s legacy is a story or remembrance of what they did, places they went, values they held, goals they accomplished, failures they turned into successes and sometimes failures that remained but were learned from.  A legacy is often how people will remember you.

In 2019, Foundation Haiti Project will begin construction on the new children’s home just outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.  This will be the new home to nearly 50 children. With intention, we call this project a children’s home. It is our heart that the identity of our kids not be those of orphans.  But as the home’s name reflects, they will know that they have a heavenly Father who loves them and that they are princesses and princes of King Jesus. The land has already been purchased for Cowboys Castle.  The next step is to begin breaking ground for the foundation. And with every step, we remember the legacy of love left for us by Cowboy.

We are thrilled for this adventure awaiting us in the new year!  We cannot do it alone. We are looking for partners to walk alongside us on this journey.  Prayers. Encouragement. Finances. Able bodies to labor when the time comes. We know it will be an exciting time for our ministry and for all those involved.  You won’t want to miss out. However, the most exciting part of it all, is that 50 boys and girls will have a new home. A home where they will be loved with the love of Jesus and raised up to know their true identity: princes and princes of the one true King.  

“Don’t you know that you are a princess?  You are the daughter of King Jesus. I love you and so does He.”   ~ Brian “Cowboy” Ferguson

Until next time!  Bondye beni-w!

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