Foundation Haiti Project Corp

Bigger than Us … Part II

Sunday, July 14, was a long awaited day.  It was the day of Foundation Haiti Project’s official groundbreaking for Cowboy’s Castle in Morne a Cabrit, Haiti.  Many of you have prayed for and given financially towards the building of Cowboy’s Castle and continue to partner with us in that way.  We are so grateful for your partnership and thank God for you daily.  

The ceremony happened in two parts.  First, our Foundation Haiti Project team and members of the Morne a Cabrit community gathered at a local church.  During the ceremony, Kensly, FHP President, was able to share his heart for his Haitian people and his vision for the children’s home.  Steve, FHP Director of Missions, also extended his love and support for the community and recognized our dear friend Brian Ferguson, who’s namesake the children’s home carries.  The community priest also gave a sermon and extended a blessing over the community and the partnership for our work there.  

Later in the afternoon, after the ceremony at the church, the FHP team planned to walk to the land to officially lay the cornerstone of the building and pray over the land.  Knowing the walk was a far one, and not the easiest, there was no expectation of anyone to follow. However, in the most beautiful expression of love and partnership, most people of the community followed suit and made the walk to the land with our team.  Together they were able to worship through prayer, singing, and the laying of the cornerstone. My favorite video from the entire trip is when they were all gathered, hand in hand, singing How Great Thou Art; voices in Creole, French, and English sending praise to Heaven.   You can check it out on our Facebook page.                                       

Again, we are so thankful for each of you walking this journey with us.  We will continue to keep you informed. Be on the lookout for Bigger Than Us…Part III. 

Until next time, Bondye beni-w!