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Bigger than Us… Part I

The other day I was scrolling through hundreds of Facebook posts made and saw something that struck me. I had seen it before, but never paid much attention to it. The post was a cartoon drawing. In it was pictured Jesus and a little girl. The little girl was asking Jesus for something. I don’t know maybe a doll or a teddy bear. The picture showed the little girl imagining a small version of let’s say the teddy bear. Jesus, looking down at the little girl, was holding something behind his back. It was the teddy bear, except it was about 4 times as large as the one the little girl had imagined while she was asking for it. You can imagine the caption. This picture resonated with me, though, especially in light of the summer we have had here at Foundation Haiti Project. Over the next few weeks, I will begin sharing with you the summer adventures had through Foundation Haiti Project. They are God-sized.

A trip was planned in July for the groundbreaking of Cowboy’s Castle. Kensly Jean Gilles (FHP President) left about a week before the scheduled event to get everything ready in country. During that week, the land was cleared, official signage was made for the road and property, and lots of logistical meetings were held for the big event. It was during those meetings that Kensly had the privilege to meet with Ganito Francois. This would prove to be a divine appointment that would bring about many new opportunities in the days ahead and an ongoing partnership welcoming him to the Foundation Haiti Project Board in Haiti. It turns out that Ganito is a journalist/reporter for one of the largest television/radio networks in Haiti. He was asked to MC the groundbreaking event. God used the event to ignite a passion and excitement for the work FHP is doing. He is now the Public Relations Director for FHP in Haiti and was able to use his resources to connect the foundation with many others in the country who have great influence. He was also able to use his resources to broadcast the work God is doing through the foundation throughout the entire country of Haiti. Kensly was able to give interviews several times in the days following the groundbreaking of Cowboy’s Castle. Steve, our Director of Medical Missions (to be continued later) was also able to give a few interviews of his own. We were able to testify, on a national stage, what God is doing and what we pray will do in the days, months, and years to come!

During this trip to Haiti, we had the pleasure to welcome Steve Sealine to Foundation Haiti Project as the new Director of Medical Missions. This trip was Steve’s 2nd medical trip with the foundation and third trip to Haiti. Steve is a retired nurse who now is able and committed to using his skills for ministry purposes, specifically to serve the people of Haiti. Kensly and Steve were able to hold medical/ eye clinics in both Les Cayes and in Morne Cabrit. Hundreds of people were given the opportunity for their medical needs to be addressed and nearly 300 pairs of glasses were given to those in need. Steve will be planning future medical mission trips, so be looking out for that information.

Knowing that when something is more than a page long people begin to lose interest (hints the Part I), I will close this trip report for now. There is so much more to share with you guys, especially the details of the actual ground breaking for Cowboy’s Castle! If you are friends with us on Facebook, we posted many videos during the weeks of the trips to keep you guys updated. If you missed it, they are still posted on our Foundation Haiti Project page!

Until next time! Bondye beni-w! (God Bless You!)